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The website and catalog merely solicits offers from customers wishing to purchase products from FITZCO, Inc, Delta latent and Quality Forensics. If this website or catalog is ever construed as an offer to enter into a contract, however, by placing an order all customers agree that FITZCO’s standard warranty, disclaimer, and limitation of remedies clauses shall be effective unless modified in a written form signed by both parties.

FITZCO, as a seller of the products shown in this catalog, warrants that the representations made in this catalog accurately reflect the manufacturers’ representations to FITZCO and that the products are free from defects in material or workmanship. The duration of this warranty is 90 days form the date of delivery and the prompt written notice of the defect is required within 120 days of delivery; any breach of warranty action must be commenced within two years of delivery. After written notice of the defect. FITZCO, at its option, will provide either a full refund of the purchase price or replace the product with a comparable item.

FITZCO expressly disclaims all other warranties, whether express, implied or statutory, including the warranty of MERCHANTABILITY and fitness for a particular purpose.

Finally, in no event will FITZCO be liable for special, incidental, or consequential damages arising from use of, or defect in, the product



Ensemble Collection System™ - ECS™LineFP705™ Specimen Grade PaperLine705™ Specimen CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA CardsLinePRO™ Protein/DNA/RNA  CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA Cards

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