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Cotton • Polyester • Foam • Ejectable - CEP™ & Push-off™

EtO/EO Sterilized. DNA Free. Tested and Certified.

Fitzco understands that different departments and agencies have different procedures and preferences when it comes to using swabs for evidence collection. That is why Fitzco offers numerous types of swabs and transport methods.

Cotton and Polyester Standard Swabs

Cotton Swabs
Tightly wound cotton fibers bound to a stem made from either plastic or wood. These swabs are used for specimen collection. Field collection or in the lab, our cotton swabs are ideal. Fitzco offers multiple types of transport devices for the swabs. Boxes, envelopes and pouches.

Polyester/Dacron Swabs
These swabs are similar to our cotton swabs, except they utilize polyester tips. Polyester is a proven substrate for collection and processing samples. Fitzco offers these swabs in four different colors, making them ideal during collection for paternity testing. Please view the corresponding paternity swab envelopes for transportation and storage.

• 5mm tip
• 6” long

Manufacturing Materials
• Tip: Cotton or Polyester
• Shaft: Plastic and Wood

• Single and Double Packs
• Multiple Colors(White, Blue, Yellow, Pink)

• Sterile


Foam Swabs
Fitzco offers a foam swab with a large absorbent head (approximately 7/8" in diameter). These swabs are often referred to as "Lollipop Swabs". They are ideal for the collection of buccal cells. These Lollipop swabs also work very well to transfer cells onto FTA® coated paper, most efficiently using the Sampact Collection Device.

Ejectable Swabs

CEP Swab™ - Eject Swabs
New from Fitzco! The CEP swabs™ have a cotton paper tip using a multiple layer FP705™. This swab was developed for easy use in either direct punching or into a an extraction/microcenterfuge tube after the collection of the cells. Great for easy collection and processing.

The CEP Swab™’s unique design uses an absorbent multi-layered paper and a non-reactive material which allows DNA extraction for analysis. One of the features of the CEP™ swab is an ejectable head that fits into an extraction tube after the collection of cells. The use of an CEP™ swab also presents a non-invasive method of collection. When properly used, CEP™ swab, are efficient, clean, easily transported collection device, for DNA.

CEP Swab™

PushOff™ Swab

SpinEze® Polyester PushOff Swabs
These unique swabs have a push-off tip that fits into an extraction tube after the collection of the cells. These swabs minimize contamination, are convenient for long-term storage and can be utilized in a number of different collection kits including crime scene, database, sexual assault and paternity collection kits.


Paper Ejectable -NEW Fitzco® CEP™ Swab**

Dacron/ Polyester Ejectable - Fitzco® SpinEze® Polyester PushOff™ Swabs

SpinEze® Microcentrifuge Tubes & BasketsSwab BoxSwab Sleeve™ using Drypak® "The Drying Bag"Swab Mailers for Transport of the swabs and envelopes.Swab Envelopes for storage, transport, etc.

CEP™ SwabsFitzco® DNA Kits:  The leadeing manufacturer of DNA KitsPushoff™ Spin-eZe® Swabs; Eject the Polyester Swab headEnsiemble Collection System™Specimen collection paper for DNA, Blood etc.SWAB SETS™ -Store Evidence, Transport Safely -  Swab Kits



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