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Polyester Pouches; 4.5 mil
Fitzpak® Vapor "Barrier"

FitzPak® polyester/polyethylene vapor barrier material is bonded in a unique process. We convert the FitzPak® polyester barrier film into pouches. The FitzPak® is the one of the only pouches with a reinforced lip for pouch strength and easy opening. This tamper resistant heavy gauge 4.5 ml polyester pouch can be sealed with a heat sealer and meets FDA requirements. Complete barrier protection with durable 3/8” seams makes FitzPak® the choice of professionals. The tear and puncture resistant barrier pouches offer protection in almost all conditions. These pouches hold their properties within a temperature range of –70 to 240F. They are compatible with microwaves.

What is the Barrier?

It is perfect for histology and pathology specimens. Safe for biological waste disposal in medical, institutional and industrial facilities. Used for containing corrosive materials and harmful narcotics in evidence collection. Pouches do not react with formaldehyde, weak solutions of acids, alkalis or organic solvents. They also withstand infrared and gamma rays, can be frozen or boiled.

Our pouches are safe for storing formaldehyde, alkalis, most acids, greases, oil, and organic solvents. These pouches are perfect for medical, environmental, and industrial purposes as well as long-term specimen and evidence storage. You can create your own custom packaging with FitzPak® barrier film tubular roll stock and an impulse heat sealer.

  • Boilable, freezable, and microwavable
  • Easily resealable
  • Strong seals & superior barrier properties
  • Temps from –56 to 115°C (–70 to 240°F)
  • Can hold formaldehyde, most acids, alkalies, greases, oils, and organic solvents
  • Transparent
  • Airtight
  • Moisture proof
  • Odor proof
  • Sterilizable -Infrared, Gamma, E-Beam

Why a “Barrier” with Evidence…

Barrier pouches are used in a wide variety of applications. By creating a protective wall between the evidence and the officer, our barrier pouches are a safer alternative to the basic paper or zip lock for evidence storage. Chemicals and narcotics can easily leach or leak through paper and straight poly pouches. This can cause serious harm to those who handle the evidence and also contaminate other evidence. FitzPak® barrier pouches help you protect your department by meeting OSHA guidelines.

The FitzPak® system is the strongest system of integrity for any evidence on the market. With proper identification and closure our pouches virtually a safe. The smallest departments up to the largest government entities use our 4.5 ml FitzPak® barrier pouches with the fourth side seal and reinforced lip.


4.5 mil Heavy Barrier Fitzpak Polyester/Polyethylene
Item #
4" x 6"


6.5" x 8"
75 ea


8" x 12"
40 ea
8" x 12"
10" x 12"
30 ea
10" x 16"
12" x 16"
12" x 16"
16" x 24"

Also Available 8" x 10", 8" x 48",10" x 52", 10" x 6", 48" x 8" - Call for pricing

4.5 mil Heavy BARRIER tubular roll stock

#21015 9.5"x125' per roll
#21016 16"x125' per roll
#21026 19”x125’ per roll

Roll stock dispensers

#21015 12" width per roll
#21016 24" width per roll

See our Fitzpak® Vapor "Barrier"Pouch Starter Kits

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*Custom & Stock - Various size, color, & print options are available.*

All prices listed are subject to change. Please call a Customer Service Representative at 800.367.8760 for the most current prices.


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