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Ensemble Collection System™

A collection of platforms working together in harmony to forward applications in science................

The Ensemble™ or ECS™, is made up of the 705™, DIRECT™, PRESERVE™, PRO™ & ProPRIME™ technologies. These platforms have pushed coated collection cards into the 21st Century. These are the next generation of specimen / bio-sampling card technology.



DNA Collection Cards: The Fitzco Card

The Fitzco (DNA) Card originated from an adaption of a card designed for the US military in 1991. The "fold over" flap was added to protect the specimen. The flap was also a useful tool in helping the sample dry. Orginally the card had 4 circles. each circle was then serrated into four parts. This helped the technicians to seperate the samples for preperation in the lab. After the hand punches were introduced, the need for serrations was gone. We abandonded the serrations as past of the design.

At this time, the card was simply known as the Fitzco Card. At Fitzco, we actually just called it the "DNA card". It was the OJ trial that actually branded it as the "Fitzco" Card. It was used by many states and labs for identification and evidence processing, as per the OJ Trial(First). We changed the name of the card to "Classic" because the need for diffent designs; Micro, Gene, Mini, etc.

FP705™ Paper & the original "Classic Fitzco® Card™- Collection Paper the base of our Ensemble™ and indicating line of products is our Fitzco FP705™ Paper. It’s properties exceed today’s standards for DNA collection paper. For the release of this new paper, we have retained our original design of the “Classic” card, but plan to follow in the near future with different configurations. Please review the following page for detailed information on our new FP705™ paper.

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