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Desiccant: Humidity Reducing

Laboratory Grade - Biosample

Eliminates moisture & dampness

• Collection • Storage • Transport•

• Fitzco® invented the Multi Barrier Pouch System in 1991 to be used with our FITZCO® Biosample Desiccants

• Remove the Humidity

• Zero Contamination

• Take Control of Unwanted Moisture

• ULTRAbarrier™ Multi Barrier Pouches • Barrier Pouches • DNA Cards • Swabs • Biosampling • FTA® • DBS / DSS • 705™ • PRO™ • ProPRIME™•

• Indicating and Non-Indicating


FITZCO® Biosample Desiccants

Have confidence that your specimen will dry in the pouch without contamination. Control the moisture in your specimen pouch. The FITZCO® Biosample Desiccant contains a special dehydrator, with millions of microscopic pores to soak up water vapor. It begins absorbing immediately. FITZCO® Biosample Desiccants will eliminate all moisture and dampness, from your collection sample when used in a barrier environment.

The FITZCO® Biosample Desiccants are laboratory grade and will not contaminate your sample. They are manufactured using our contamination free protocols to ensure that there isn’t any DNA transferred in the production process. While industrial grade is less expensive but will contaminate the specimen. They are manufactured without contamination protocols in place(i.e. no gloves, masks, cleaning protocols, etc.).

The FITZCO® Biosample Desiccant has been validated and in use for over 22 years. First use was with the FITZCO® ULTRAbarrier™/multi barrier system to control the moisture with the Fitzco cards. Then after Fitzco released the FTA® card it was quickly accepted as the premium product to use in sample collection and long term storage.

Available in Indicating and Non-Indicating

Control the moisture, take away the humidity.


NOT FOR LIQUIDS. Moisture/Humidity control


Multi - Desiccant Pouch / 6 - 01006 1 gram desiccants in foil pouch


Multi - Desiccant Pouch / 2 - 01006 1 gram desiccants in foil pouch


1 Gram Desiccant - Indicating


0.5 Gram Desiccant Indicating
Desiccant 4 Gram with seal end
1 gram Desiccant - Indicating 7/8" 1-5/8"
1 gram Desiccant - Indicating 1" x 2"
0.5 Gram Canister Desiccant
#28025 FITZCO® ULTRA / Multi Barrier Pouch with 4 gm desiccant sealed into seam
#28003 FITZCO® ULTRA / Multi Barrier Pouch-Large Preloaded with Desiccant


#16001 can be used with the Fitzco® MICROtiter™ Sheets & the FTA® Clone Saver System

*Custom size, weight and printing available


More information will be posted soon. Thank you for your patience.
Please call Fitzco at 800.367.8760 for information. All prices listed are subject to change.


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