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ZONE™ Indicating

Patent Pending

ECS Indicating™
 Triple Zone Indicating™
 Easily Identify the Zone™
 Maintains Indication
 Non-reactive to Humidity or Sunlight
 Stable at Ambient or Frozen Temperatures
 Doesn’t Interfere with Chemistries
 Reduce Non-sample Punches
 PRO™

Fitzco ECS Indicating™ is designed to show a zone where collected cells are located. Unlike other indicating cards, after a clear sample is collected, the ECS Indicating™ stain will clearly define the area containing the highest concentration of cells, known as the Cellular Zone™. After a sample has been collected and dried, three distinct areas are shown: a dark blue border delineating the edge of the sample; a yellow neutral area; and a freckled blue green Cellular Zone™, which is the sample rich area.
After drying, the Zone Indicating™ is maintained and is not affected by humidity or sunlight. ECS Indicating™ cards may be stored at ambient or frozen temperatures. The collected sample may also be stored in the Fitzco UltraBarrier™ System or Fitzco Drypak® Pouches.



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