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Direct™ Indicating Specimen CardsDirect™ Specimen Cards








Fitzco DIRECT™ Cards

DNA Collection, Storage & Amplification

No Prep for Blood or Buccal!! - Just punch and put into the mastermix! Processing made simple....No Prep!!


  • Lyse cells with the Fitzco Gentle Lysis™
  • Ambient Storage
  • Easy Processing - Reduced reations or Full
  • Small sample needed. Only 0.5mm to 0.7mm for Blood, 1.0mm - 1.2mm for buccal
  • Lower Cycle times

DIRECTi™ Indicating is available in Zone™ Indicating

  • Zone™ Color Change
  • Easy sample identification


Card Sizes: (4 Circle) Classic - (2 Circle )Mini &TWYN™ (1 circle) Micro & Nano™

Automated Cards sizes for standard Robotics: AutoGene™ & Xpress™


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