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Fitzco History


Fitzco is a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing it's customers with quality products, unparalleled service and competitive prices. June Fitz established the company in 1989 with Todd Fitz. Throughout the years both have remained with Fitzco, playing integral roles in the development of the company.

Fitzco has focused on providing superior products to the DNA, forensic(lab), law enforcement(evidentiary), medical, diagnostic, and over-the counter industries. Over the years Fitzco has extended its product line products to include: the Fitzpak® brand products, processing plates, CEP™ Swabs, Spin-Eze® Micro centrifuge tubes, Pushoff™ Ejectable swabs, DNA Collection devices, vapor barrier pouches, needle storage tubes, heat impulse sealers and specimen collection kits, Dental DNA Identification Kit and the FP705 DNA Specimen Paper. Also, Fitzco stresses the commercialization of new technologies and is on the cutting edge of specimen kit manufacturing.

In early years, Fitzco established its reputation as an innovator of specimen collection and transport products. We were involved with the modification of a designer of the transport system used of the US military's drug prevention program that is still in use today. Because of these unique and revolutionary products, Fitzco was asked to helped design products and kits for United States military's DNA Databank. These products set the standard for DNA collection for databanks as well as DNA processing in general. Fitzco has maintained a close relationship with the US military and has retained the DNA database contract, becoming a major supporter of the program.

Because of this contract, and the relentless drive to improve DNA collection and storage, Fitzco has been associated with completely changing the past method of storing DNA on cloth, to the now universally accepted method of collecting and storing DNA on collection paper.

We originally used S&S903 paper as our medium for collection and converted into the original "Fitzco Card" (as coined in the OJ trial). This card later became what is known commercially as the "Classic Card". We have used S&S 903, Whatman's BFC180 and now our FP705 in the manufacturing of our DNA cards. Both S&S and Whatman paper companies were introduced to the DNA field by Fitzco.

FTA®* / Fitzco and Flinders University

Seeing the importance of preserving the integrity of the DNA sample, Fitzco worked with Flinders University in Australia to produce a special coating which we named FTA®* for Fitzco/Flinders Technology Agreement. This technology was invented by Leigh Burgoyne at Flinders. John Turner, of Flinders University, worked with June Fitz to establish the testing, validation and finally the launch of the FTA®* platform.

With the introduction of FTA®* in the mid 90's, the Fitzco design team came up with most of the DNA cards in use today such as the Genecard and Micro Card. We renamed the Fitzco card to to the "Classic Card".

Whatman FITZCO

Whatman, at the time an English paper company focused on filtration and separation technology, acquired a share in Fitzco in 1998 and competed the buyout in 2000. The acquisition was due to our experience in working with DNA products and particularly the FTA®* license. The Fitz family was involved with the managing of the company during the "Whatman years" and Todd became the General manager in 2000 for Whatman. In the summer of 2002, the Fitz family reacquired the Fitzco with a portion of the products remaining with Whatman.


Currently, Fitzco proudly employs over 35 people and distributes products that are manufactured and stored in an Inspected Class 1, 2, & 3 Medical Device Facility. In addition, the headquarters is a certified cGMP facility and is operated in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Since 1991, Fitzco has been the premier DNA collection and storage device provider. Fitzco has developed and manufactured millions of DNA kits and products for database and identification purposes in both forensic and medical fields.

Fitzco has also participated in major research projects with Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), AFDIL, The Penn State University, University of North Texas and many other agencies and Universities.




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