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Fitzco Solutions Consulting

Fitzco Solutions Consulting supports the needs of companies, laboratories and departments in laboratory,management and forensic services.  We are committed to understanding the specific requirements and to providing the best services available on the market.

To do this, Fitzco utilizes a team of knowledgeable professional consultants, managers and scientists.  The expertise of these highly qualified individuals is the foundation for the design of all Fitzco consulting programs and products. 

Process Mapping • Laboratory • Design / Layout • Field • Management Services • Training • Validation • Laboratory

  • Consulting Services for laboratory development, training, implementation, processing; as well as project design & coordination.
  • Tailor made cradle to grave solution including analytical consultation, recommendations on suitable applications and consumables for a successful and robust nationwide scientific service operation
  • Provide various backlog reduction and turn around time improvement strategies using a combination of outsourcing, process improvement and training through our network of world class organizations
  • Laboratory facility development through development/design projects, quality/process consultancy and knowledge transfer programs through our team of experienced team of practitioners
  • Versed in implementing DNA & database applications that are future-proofed with scalable systems built to last


  • Mass Fatality Disaster Management and Disaster Victim Identification (DVI)
    • Our senior experts have operated at both national and international levels and have first hand experience of senior management in some of the worlds largest incidents in recent times including natural disasters, air transport accidents and terrorist attacks. We can provide strategic planning and training in preparation for such catastrophic events and where necessary assist in the response phases when events actually happen
  • Emergency Infrastructure Planning; providing training at tactical and operational level to the operatives likely to be deployed to incidents.
  • Crime Scene Management; identifying and recovering the best possible evidence from the most difficult of circumstances. Training to those expected to work in a Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear (CBRN) environment in particular First Responders and Commanders/Management.
  • Contingency and Business Continuity Planning; providing analysis, planning, implementation & training that will allow a business, laboratory or department to continue effectively. Maintaining an up to date plan that will help overcome any disruption to operations.
  • Target Hardening ;The effects of most criminal assaults or attacks can be prevented or minimized through simple and cost effective Target Hardening measures. Individual, group, crowd or nation. This mantra also relates to buildings or whole complexes’.  Counter Measures can be designed to meet the needs of the individual, nation or an emerging threat.

Process Mapping

  • Designed to address specific Laboratory Management Issues and Objectives
  • The Fitzco approach is from the bottom-up and all-inclusive
  • Using modern facilitated processes that are designed to quickly assess and design processes.
  • Easy implementation with short term external assistance
  • Using modern facilitated processes that are designed to quickly assess and design processes.
  • Easy implementation with short term external assistance


  • Robust and strategic consultancy approach to achieve sustainable excellence from planning to implementation
  • Structured consultancy review program that delivers a series of recommendations and observations, an implementation plan and an outcome potential
  • Solutions for diverse markets to stringent technical, quality and governmental standards.


  • Laboratory

    Specimen Receiving & Storage
    Sample Processing
    Results Identification & Examination
    Technical / Bench work Techniques & Applications

    System and Process Reviews
    Competency Assessment
    End to End System/Process Mapping
    Laboratory Strategy Development
    Competency Assessment
    Strategic Reviews
    Lean Process Analysis
    Specialist Expert/Analysis Sourcing

  • Forensic

    Crime Scene Investigation/ Defense Scene Examination
    Corporate Forensic Training
    Defense Forensic Training
    Witness Training / Court Training
    Crime Scene Photography Training
    Explosives Forensic Training
    Fingerprint examination and Recovery Training
    Schools/College/Corporate/ Experiential

  • Forensic/ Specialized

    Crime Scene Investigation
    Crime Scene Management
    Forensic Investigation
    Cold Case Reviews
    Defense Case Reviews
    Scientific Performance Measurement
    System and Process Reviews
    End to End System/Process Mapping
    Forensic Strategy Development
    Competency Assessment
    Strategic Reviews
    Lean Process Analysis
    Forensic - Business / Service / Product Development
    Specialist Forensic Expert/Analysis Sourcing



Ensemble Collection System™ - ECS™LineFP705™ Specimen Grade PaperLine705™ Specimen CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA CardsLinePRO™ Protein/DNA/RNA  CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA Cards

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