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Delta Latent - a Fitzco Company and a member of the Fitz Group

Delta is a member of the Fitzco family. Delta adds another level in Crime Scene Investigation to our product line. Including Fingerprint Powders, Brushes, Lifting Tapes, Evidence Drying stations, Drying Pouches, Evidence Bags, etc.

Delta Fingerprint Powders & Tapes

The Delta line of fingerprint powders is for every application including: Black, SLED RED, Dual, Fluorescent and Magnetic Powders. Recognized by Agencies worldwide for their superior performance Delta’s premium fingerprint powders develop latent prints where other powders often fail.

Designed to work in a wide variety of weather conditions Delta's finger print tapes work where other tapes fail. Delta’s fingerprint lifting tapes offer you pristine clarity and unsurpassed performance. Delta's Tape are pressure wound, defect free, and offer a backing adhesive that will collect a print with uniform quality.


Evidence Tapes

To prevent tampering, our evidence tape utilizes an aggressive adhesive, securing it permanently to the majority of surfaces. The serrated edges allow for instant recognition if tampering has occurred, preserving the integrity of evidence. Tape comes with a split back liner making it easier to place where you need it.


Evidence labeling allow for accurate documentation of collected evidence. The Fitzco Evidence Labels include an adhesive backing that will permanently stick to almost any surface.


Secure the integrity of the contents inside of pouches, storage tubes, or bottles. Our tamper evident seals has been designed for maximum protection. They come in a variety of styles and tamper evidency. Fish gills, serrated edges, sealbreaks will indicate unauthorized tampering by shearing. Some of the seals have a place for collection information. The info can be written directly on seal to establish a chain of custody.

All the materials needed for marking the evidence


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