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Product Spotlight - Fitzco® Classic & Mini Punch™ / Specimen Sampling and Processing

Direct™ Indicating Specimen Cards

Fitzco® Classic Punch™ & Mini Punch™

Specimen Sampling and Processing

Interchangable tips and ejectors - Autoclavable - Hardened steel

Fitzco® Classic Punch & Mini Punch™ are unique sampling tool. It is light and yet sturdy. The body is made of Medical grade aluminum with a harded steel machined sharped cutting tip. The Fitzco® Classic & Mini Punch™ is designed to cut & retrieve punched samples from source materials such as tissue, gel, paper, cloth, leaves, paint chips, films, specimen cards or other thin substrates. This punch is ideal for use with Fitzco ECS™ Cards and other DNA cards. It can be used for both DNA and protein applications. Tips are machined from stainless steel that is heat treated and then sharpened for a long cutting life. Tips are available in diameters ranging from 0.50 to 3.00 mm. The steel plungers and ejection rods(ejectors) with a patent pending design intergrating the tip with the plunger, rod and spring.

Our Classic Punch™ and Mini Punch™ systems tips are interchangable. In fact, the patent pending design of interchangeable tips and ejectors can change a 0.5mm punch to a 3.0mm punch in less than a minute.

Patent Pending

DNA Cards - DIRECT™ DNA Card

Direct™ Specimen Cards







DIRECTi™ Indicating is available in Zone™ Indicating

  • Zone™ Color Change
  • Easy sample identification

Card Sizes: (4 Circle) Classic, Autogene™ / (2 Circle )Mini, TWYN™(2) / (1 circle) Micro, Nano™, XPRESS™

Product information and the list of Validated Amplification Kits

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Ensemble Collection System™ - ECS™LineFP705™ Specimen Grade PaperLine705™ Specimen CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA CardsLinePRO™ Protein/DNA/RNA  CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA Cards


Fitzco News

2015 Product Releases:

Coatings for DNA & Protein Cards

  • Preserve™ DNA Purification Cards; Long term preservation.
  • SCI™ Card - Field Collection Card for presumtive testing and DNA collection

Specimen Punch


New Development / R&D

  • Pioneer in the invention, development and commercialization of specimen products for Bioscience, Forensic, Identification technologies, solutions and products.



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Premier Front End Applications for Bioscience, Forensic and Identification

All Swabs and most collection devices are EtO/EO sterilized, DNA free, tested and certified.

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  • - Applications for Life Sciences(Bimolecular, Protein, DNA, Clinical, Medical, Diagnostic, etc), Laboratory, Forensic & Crime Scene/Evidence.

  • - DNA FITZCO® Cards, MultiBarrier Pouch (1991), The DNA Card (1991), "Classic" Card (1991) FTA®*(1993), DRYPAK®(1994), Omni Swabs**(1995), C.E.P.® Swabs(1995) Sampact®(2003), SpinEze® Pushoff™ Swab(2003), SpinEze® Baskets (2004), FP705 Specimen Paper(2005), Re-introduction of CEP® Swab(2007), Ensemble™, PRO™, PROi™, 705™ & 705i™(2010), Zone™ Indicating Cards, PROPRIME™, PROPRIMEi™, DRI™ Cards, BIO™ DBS/DSS Cards (2011), ECS pH Indicating™, FitzTE™, DIRECT™(2012), DIRECTi, PRESERVE, PRESERVEi (2013)

  • - Developing and supplying specimen collection, transport and storage products, packaging solutions and customized specimen collection

  • - Since 1991, Fitzco has developed and manufactured millions of DNA kits and products for use in the data basing, identification, forensic and medical fields.

  • - Fitzco is the only Manufacturer of Forensic & DNA Collection kits and products that is ISO 9001:2008 Certified, cGMP Compliant, with a Clean Room of 10,000/100,000. Our quality standards are unparalleled.

  • - At Fitzco we take great pride in offering high quality products, competitive prices. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you develop a packaging system that is right for you.

Ensemble Collection System™ - ECS™LineFP705™ Specimen Grade PaperLine705™ Specimen CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA CardsLinePRO™ Protein/DNA/RNA  CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA CardsLineProPRIME™ Protein/DNA/RNA Cards

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